Multi-color offset printing machine

  1. Model No:XD-JY-05-250 ,XD-DT-250
  2. productivity:≤ 300 只 / min
  3. power:32×0.75 kw
  4. Power for driving unit:
  5. drive for main machine:5.5 kw
  6. drive for chain:2.2KW
  7. drive for mandrels:5KW
  8. application diameter:20-60 mm
  9. application height:30-65 mm
  10. size of the machine: 3 m×2 m×1.7m
  11. weight:4 T
  12. solidification type:
  13. UV curing / conventional heating

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1.Convenient operation
2.Plate roll gear automatically adjusts gaps, printing without shadow
3.Printing plate has a special punching machine to adjust the plate accurately and quickly
4.Replacement of core and head is convenient and fast
5.Auto-driven transfer offset mode
6.2 or 4 transfer offset mode



1.Electrical system adopts Schneider
2.Pneumatic system adopts SMC and FESTO
3.PLC adopts Mitsubishi, Omron
4.Mechanical power system adopts Italian brand
5.Flame treatment adopts British AEROGEN
6.Sensor system adopts German SICK
7. Chain adopts Toona Japan
8.Vacuum pumps adopt Japanese Orion