Heat-transfer printer

  1. Model No:2BC-00
  2. productivity:40 只 / 分钟
  3. power:≈ 100W
  4. power of driving roller:20W
  5. application diameter:Φ < 120mm
  6. application printing height:H < 200mm
  7. size of the machine: 1.1×1×1.6m3
  8. weight:300kg

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1. The machine is exquisite and covers only a little area. It is convenient for shipment, installation and commissioning.
2. This machine has wide scope of application. By changing some parts, this machine is suitable for heat-transfer printing on various glass bottles, plastic bottles, bottle caps, stationery, toys and other products (depending on company's detail needs).
3. This machine optimizes the mode of film tension adjustment. The magnetic powder friction device is used to adjust the tension of the film, which is more accurate and stable and can ensure high quality transfer printing effect.
4.This machine has high cost performance.