Heat transfer printing machine for plastic casks

  1. Model No:XD-DT-300
  2. productivity:220V 3.5KW
  3. air pressure:5-7bar
  4. Maximum printing size:300×280
  5. productivity:5-6 个 / min
  6. size of the machine:1 m×1 m×1.2 m
  7. weight:0.46 T

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It’s fit for printed foil’s hot stamping. With high production effiency and remarkable economic benefits, it’s widely used in every field of our daily life. This kind of machine can be used to print articles with large diameter and large taper.

The applicable taper is less than 8° , that is, (D-d)/H<0.14. Its cycle time is 20s (about 5 to 6 pcs / minute).